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the machine. [Maisie] arrived at our house

about 6:30 to visit us until after Thanks-

giving. We went up to the club to-night for

the first one of the Friday evenings.

Sat. Nov. 14th

E + I both had engagements this morning

so we didn't get home in time to see [Luke]

[Senff] who came to tell [Maisie] of her

engagement to [Kenneth Cameron]. We heard

it yesterday, + [Maisie] would hardly

believe it, as seh said she was sure it

was not so, ten days ago when seh

visited [Luke]. It sertainly has been a

very checkered [c...], + [Kenneth] has

won in the end. In the afternoon

we got ready for our card club +

later went up to [Purelton]. When we

came home, we had a terrible [hustle]

after [driver] to get everything ready