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as we're supposed to start at the unearthly

hour of eight. Mr. [Morse] is one of our

member + it was the first time we

had met him, + he was so nice. We all

liked him immensely. It was too funny,

E + [Maisie] were doing a few final

touches in Father's room, the only room in

the house which didn't look presentable,

when the first arrivals came, Mr. [Morse],

[Deyo], Maude, + Mr. Davidson. After the

men had taken off their coats and

were talking to Father, he asked them if

they wanted to see a particularly fine new

[p...] of music, of the [ocean], + with

that, he started t omarch them all into

his room. THe girls gave a speech, +

said "Just a minute", + then Father

came to, that that room was not supposed

to be [c...]. The picture had to be

brought to the men, not the men to

the picture.