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Sat. Aug. 7th, 1909.

Got up bright and early this a. m. and
every minute until train time was needed. 
We all looked like pack horses when we
left the house as we were laden with
hand luggage, I carrying two huge hats,
besides two umbrellas + a parcel. E +
father were equally laden. We took the
7: 15 train to [?]. [?]. + as it was just on 
time, we had to wait in the station
until the Boston train was made [up?].
Left [?]. [?]. at 10: 02 and until we 
reached [], it was very pleasant.
There we changed from electric to steam
engines, + never have I been on such
a dirty car. The [...ders] + [d...t] were
awful and it was positively impossible
to [?] clean. E did a puzzle  + read most
of the way, + father was engrossed in 
a book too, so I looked out of the window
during the greater part of the trip. We 
went in to dinner about one and
put in practically an hour that
way, but I thought the journey would
never end, for beside the dirt, it was
also very warm. at Providence we got
out + walked for a few minutes for
some air. When we reached Boston
we found Cousin Lizzie, Uncle Bernard
+ [...bert} at the station, but we felt
we had only had a glimpse, for we 
had to hustle over to the [?] [Station?]