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in order to catch the 4:30 train for 

Bass Rocks. The train was crowded so we

couldn't get seats together. As we neared

the coast, we could feel a cooler air,

+ we were all so glad to get back here
after a year's absence. At Bass Rocks
Uncle [E...?], [?] Henry [?] Beatrice
+ Margaret met us, + we all took the bus
over to the hotel. After registering +
seeing about our trunks, we went
up stairs to change our costumes. Father 
has a room over in the cottage for
over Sunday, + E + I have a fine
room, facing the Deyo's cottage, and a 
wonderful view of the ocean. We find
we are right next to the Baviers. It
took us some time to get washed and
dressed, + when we came down, we
went directly in to dinner. Afterwards
Beatrice, Margt, Eve, E + I had a
pow wow + [?] Anna Bavier + Mr. 
Jamison came along. Anna is just 
the [?] as ever. Katherine More
came up + was so cordial, + we

also saw General + Miss [C...?], +

many others who were here last year.