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river, we went through Kingston & a
very polite automobilist showed us the
best way out of the city. After riding
through most beautiful country with
mountains on both sides, for about an
hour, we decided to stop & telephone to
E[dens?]ville for dinner for eight at seven
o'clock. Dr. [Tolfree?] didn't know this
was to be an all day affair & had a
date to play bridge at the Bournes at
eight & he was having a fit, but I
suggested he phone them as soon as
we reached Ellenville. Never have I
been quite as furious at anyone as I
have been at Dr. [Tolfree?] to-day, for of
all fresh people, he is the freshest. He had
certainly queered himself with me to-day
and I don't care whether I ever see
him again. We sped along towards
Ellensville at a great rate as Asher
didn't want to light his lamps & finally
came to the Hayride Inn. We of course
thought this was where we were to have
dinner & Olive, Dr. [Tolfree?] & I had
goe in & Dr. T. was registering the whole
party, when we finally heard the other
machine & found we were in the
wrong hotel. The manager urged us to
stay & dine there, saying it wouldn't
cost us a centm but we told him our
dinner was all ordered, so we
couldn't do that. So over we went to