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Sun Mar. 27th
We left word for the girls to call us at
5:30 for early church, but fortunately I
put it on my mind, & woke ust at
that time & it was fortunate for us
that I did, for Mary never knocked until
six o'clock, as the last bell was tolling.
The service was beautiful & the church
was packed. I've never seen so many
men in our church before at one of the
early services. E & I got home shortly
before eight, & found Father ready for
breakfast. E & I also went to the 10:30
servie, but were a little late, owing
to the fact that box of white roses
came for E just before church time
from Dr. Solfree, & she felt that she ought
to wear some. So we found our
pew occupied with only room for
one. E. slipped into the Belknap's pew &
I went in ours. After church Elizabeth
joined us for a walk & we later
caught up with Cornelia and Walter.
On our way back we stopped in
to pass judgment on Bunny's new hat
& it is certainly pretty. Saw Helen & 
Dr. [Tolfree?] after church, having a wonderful
flirtation. After dinner the children
came in with their new white angora
rabbits. They are awfully cute, but were
frightened. We had the children's carol
service this afternoon, and when we
came home we found Will Walker
here. He stayed for supper and