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in the evening Dr. [Tolfree?] came to call.
I was so sleepy all evening, owing to out
automobile trip yesterday & getting up so
early this morning. Will left about ten, but
Dr. [Tolfree?] stayed on until about 10:30. I
was just about all in.
Mon. Mar. 28th
We were home until eleven o'clock
this morning, then E & I drove up to the
cemetery with some flowers. Got home about
half past one and were busy sewing all
afternoon until five 0'clock when E. went
to the hair dressers, & I went up to Cornelia's.
Walter came home soon & as Cornelia
had one or two errands to do, Walter took
us both out in the machine. Went in
Cousin Helen's for a few minutes after
dinner & later Father, E & I went up to
Aunt Evelina's. Awfully cold to-night.
Tues. Mar. 29th
Have been trying all day to ward off an
attack of grippe. Simply can't spare the
time to be sick, so have fought against
it all day. Sewed all morning, knowing
E's things had to be finished for her to
take to N. Y. Thursday. Olive & Cornelia
came down for bridge in the afternoon,
& Asher & Walter came for them at six.
I felt so forlorn in the eveningthat I
didn't go out, but E. went to the G. F. S. I
had some writing to do, & later Rob
brought our new "toy Boston", to in
see us. She is a beauty. E came home