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from the G. F. S. about quarter of ten &
said Dr. [Tolfree?] was in the Belnaps U
they wanted her to come in for a game
of bridge. So in she went & never got
home until after mid-night.
Wed. Mar. 30th
Felt forlorn this morning, but managed
to put some finishing touches on E's
things, In the afternoon Olive, Frances &
I went up to the club to play in the
bridge tournament . Our scores were
quite low, as none of us got a prize. It
was so warm to-day that some of the
people played bridge on the piazza.
This was Mrs. waldron's & Mrs. Smith's
last afternoon so we had awfully good
things to eat. Asher came up to the club
in the machine, & brought us all home.
Will Walker & I went to a show at the
theatre to-night & it was the worst thing
I ever sat through. Just a waste of time.
It was "The Man & the Mummy', or
something like that.
Thurs. Mar. 31st
E. went to N. Y. on the 9:50 this A. M. &
I felt completely lost without her. After
doing one or two errands, I started
for Cornelia's, but Helen Kerr called to me,
& I was side tracked there the rest of
the morning. We discussed K
plans & all about our polo dance &
now it's up to me to hustle & get it up.