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I left Helen's about quarter of twelve to 

go home & dress for the bridge luncheon. 

Asher came for me in the machine about

quarter of one, & we went up for Olive, &

then stopped for Frances. The luncheon 

was a great success, & we had a fine

table, all the young people. In the

center of the room was a big oblong

table, where a lot of the married people 

sat; at the south end, a long table with

the ladies committee, & the north end

our table. I sat between Olive & Justine

so had lots of fun. Helen Dickey and 

Evelyn sat next [to] each other, & they both

had such huge hats on, the waiters

could harldy serve them. In fact none

of us had on small ones, & we had a

lot of fun connected with it. Poor

Helen felt faint in the middle of the 

luincheon so had to leave the table. 

After luncheon we went up stairs, &

began bridge, Rhetta, Frances, Olive & I

playing together. We had most

interesting hands, and made pretty 

good scores & Olive came within

fourteen points of receiving a prize. 

Nan Hardee made a great score,

disputing with those who were 

running the trournament, how to play

three handed bridge. Asher came  up

to the club in his car, & took us down.

To-night some of the girls of G. F. S. 

gave a musical & play. "The Love of a