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been pleased so far. The building is
wonderfully attractive & will certainly
be a very fine museum. After dinner
I excused myself & went to Sunday
School & we planned that Cousin Lizzie
& Walter were to call on Addy & then meet
me at Cornelia's about 4:30. I got to
Cornelia's a little early & found her
asleep so when the J came we
decided to call at the Whitehill's on
South Street. Finding them out, we
came back to Bunny's & found her
awake so we went up to see her. She
looks much better to-day & seems
brighter. We were there for about
three quarters of an hour. Home all
Mon. Apri. 4th
AFter seeing Cousin Lizzie & Cousin Walter
off for new york on the 9:k45 West Shore
I went arond to the different papers to
leave notices for the Kir. Then went
up to see Cornelia. Soon after I arrived
Frances came in, followed very shortly
by Mrs. Whitehill. I stayed with Cornelia
until Walter came home at noon. In
the afternoon it rained, and I wrote
for a couple of hours. By that time i
was ready to fly off the handle so as
Father had ordered the horse to go