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and see some patients, I told him I
wanted to go with him. In spite of the
rain I enjoyed the ride, & felt much better
for it. Played Flinch to-night
Tues. April 5th
I took Duke with me this morning up to
Cutter's, & I was simply melted when I got
home. Just as I reached home, Father was
going out, so I decided to drive with him.
I took a book along,, and the morning
passed very quickly. Early in the afternoon
I went up to see Bunny & stayied there
until about half past three then went
on up to Frances with my work. Olive
had expected to come down too, for
bridge, but she phoned that she wasn't
feeling well, so Frances & I sewed & had
tea about half past four. In the
evening Cousin Helen & I had charge
of the G. F. S. & finsihed the pictures
for the Hospital & later went up stairs
for dancing. Cousin Helen me to
ice-cream at Carr's afterwards as we
were rather warm, after our strenous
Wed. April 6th
The Executive committee met at 9:30 at
Grace Bull's this A. M. & it was certainly
a scramble to get there. Lucy left about
ten to go and meet Miss Stewart &