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about quarter of eleven they both
appreared. Miss Stewart looks just the
same, & is as fascinating as ever. She
comes filled with enthusiasm from
her latest success at [?], hwere they
cleared over $6,000 dollars. She gave us
an idea of her new dances, & we
discussed plans all morning. By
the time I left I was as full of enthusiasm
that I hardly took time for luncheon, but
started out as soon as possible to get
dancers for the Polo dancers. I tried to
induce Olive & Asher to dance & they are
going to talk it over, & see about it. Later
I paid some bills, then went up to see
Cornelia for a while. Miss Stewart was
to address a public meeting at the
Palatine this afternoon at 3:30, so I
went down to that, and we all felt
very enthusiastic after hearing her
accounts. I left the Palatine about five
o'clock & went up to the club. Doris,
Dolly Taylor, Frances Hirschberg, Elsie, Mr.
Jones, Abner, Stewart Mrs. Scott, Mr.
Armstrong, Frances Allan & I were the
only ones there, but we had quite a little
fun. Stewart brought Mrs. Scott & myself
part of the way home, in his car. In
the morning Lucy Robinson & Mrs. Green
stopped for me & we went over to the
hall for the beginning of rehearsals. Mrs.
Reid's dance was out to-night, and as