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they had no one to play for them, I had

to play. The [Monrovians] rehearsed   later, so 

so we stayed to watch them, but came home

about 9:30. This has been a strenuous day.


I've been busy before, but nothing 

to compare with what I'm up against

now. This a. m. I  endeavored to write to 

E, and I simply had to bring all my 

things down stairs and sit right by the 

telephone for it rang continually. By afternoon 

I had developed a nervous headache, so

went up to spend the afternoon with 

Cornelia. Found Maude there, & we 

discussed our Polo dance & whom we 

should get in it. Our first rehearsal was

held tongiht and although there were 

only five men & seven girls, we got 

along pretty well. I think it is going to  

be a corker, if only we can fill up the

number. People promise to go in it, &

never appear. To-night Deyo said 

he positively wouldn't be in it, & Mr. & 

Mrs. Porcheron are very uncertain. I'm 

bound to make it go through & will 

ask everyone & anyone. Didn't get home 

from rehearsal until late. 

Fr. Apr. 8th

I took the dog this morning, and we 

went over to Stewart Holt's to watch

the [Moravian?]  dance, for I wanted to