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see Miss Stewart. After rehearsal I went
over to the hotel with her, & she gave me
the score of the Arcadians to play over the
song "Half pat two" which is introduced
with the Polo dances, and she also thought
I'd like to know the music as I expect
to see it to-morrow. In the afternoonI
dressed early , & went up to our Executive
meeting at Mrs.Robinson's at two o'clock
& then left there about quarter past three
for Marge Foster's card party. I was the
first to arrive, so had a chance to talk
over the Polo dance with Marge, & found
her most enthusiastic. We had an awfully
good time, but I simply couldn't keep
my mind on cards, for I kept thinking
of the & dancers all the time.
Archer came up for Olive in the machine
as they took Mrs. Green & me home. It's
awfully cold to-day & I am back to my
fur coat again. Played Flinch to-night.
Sat. Apr. 9th
Thought I got up in plenty of time
this morning, but as usual, it was a
grand scramble to get things done, all my
ordering, etc, & catch the 7:41 train for
N. Y. Cousin Helen & the children went
down too, & just as we reached the
station, the train pulled in. Helen Kerr
& Rhetta were on board & we three
discussed K[?] all the way to N. Y.