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I went directly up to 47th street & found
everyone there, except Julie. We had such
a lot to talk about that it seemed as if
we couldn't tell things fast enough.
Later E & I went shopping, and we
planned to meet Marge at McCreery's at
noon & Eveline at the Waldorf about
quarter of one. Soon after we started
out, it began to rain, & as we took a
car for home, but by the time we came
to 42nd street, it has stopped so we
kept on with our errands. Marge was
a little late, so we went directly
over to the Waldorf to meet Evelne.
As we went inthe 34th street entrance,
and were looking arond for Eve, I
heard a man's voice say, "Well I
wondered whether I was going to get
[turned?] down", & it was Edward Carroll
His sister, Mabelle, was married at the
Waldorf last Wednesday, & sailed for
Europe this morning. We introduced
Marge, & while we talked to Edward,
Marge went to find Eve. Albert Carroll
was also there, and we met some of
Mr. Cook's relatoins too. We were talking
with them for about fifteen minutes
but then had to leave to join the
girls. Edward asked us how long
we were going to be there, for he