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Wanted to show us the state suite where
the wedding took place, as we thought
we might have time to see it after
luncheon but didn't as it was late
when we got through. While we were
at luncheon Beatrice and her mother
came in & later K. joined them. We
had a very short talk with both of
the girls. After luncheon we had to
hustle up to the theatre as we were
late. Magaret had gotten the seats in
the morning & the only thing she
could get were 75¢ seats. they were in
the top gallery & when I got there, I
felt so dizzy & sick I couldn't sit
through all the show there. So after
the first act of the "Arcadians," Marge
& I decided to see what we could do
with the ushers. We went down to the
first gallery & peered around until
an usher askked us if he could do
anything for us. We said we wanted
better seats if possible & when they
found them there were four of us, they siad
they could fix us up, two and two. We
went up stairs & got the girls, & Eve &
E went together in the second row, &
Margaret & I in the third, & we
only had to give the usher twenty-
five cents each. Margaret & I didn't
care for the play at all, but Eve & E