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loved it. I think one reason I was
disappointed was because they didn't
sing "Half past two," & that was what
I particularly wanted to hear. There were
some very good things in it, but as
a whole it didn't appeal to me. We
were about the last people out of the
theatre & whom should we behold
in the lobby but Chester, waiting for us.
I was completely taken off my guard,
we shook hands very formally. He
told Edith & Margaret that he had
phoned the house & had heard we
were all seeing the "Archadians," so he
came down to meet us. Margaret &
I were pushing ahead & finally the
crowd was so dense that we became
separated from the others & that was the
last I saw of Chester. Margaret left
me at 6th Avenue as she had to rush
home to dress for a dinner, so I went
over to the station alone, trying to find\
out where the others had gone to, but
couldn't locate them anywhere. On
reaching the Central no one was there
so I decided to wait around thinking
I might get some word from E.
Finally about ten minutes before we
started, I spied E. tearing down the
platform, & when she reached me, she