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was a [?] spot. Poor child had run
almost all the way from 47th street to
the Central in order to catch me. She]
told me that the earth just seemed too
swallow us up & they simply couldn't see
us so thinking that we had gone to 47th
street, they rushed up there, only to find
that I had gone over to the station.
This mix-up just spoiled everything, for
Chester has been awfully queer lately &
we can't make out just his attitude.
I think I know why he acts the way
he does, so I was the absolute
indifference, but I am afraid all our
work this winter counts for nothing. He
is certainly very strange. I couldn't get
it out of my head all the way up
from N. Y. Cousin Helen & the
children just caught the train. Said
they caught a glimpse of E hustling
along. Father was at the station to
meet me & Will Walker was at the
house. I yawned & yawned right in
front of his face, but he he never went
until ten o'clock. There was a dance
on at the club to-night & I thought
possibly I might go, as Asher & Olive
said they would bring me home, but
I was too tired to go. I might have gone
had I known Willie was going to be
at our house all evening.