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Sun. Apr. 10th
I went to church this morning and
then stoped in Cornelia's afterwards, to
tell her all the latest Kir news. I
went to Sunday School and church
this afternoon, then Father & I took
the dog for a long walk, & for a
wonder he behaved finely. Stopped in
the Alden for a few minutes on our
way home. Were home all evening.
Mon. Apr. 11th
Busy all morning, trying to do a lot of
K business. By afternoon I was so sick
of hearing the telephone ring that I decided
to go up to Cornelia's and spend the afternoon.
On my way up I stopped at Harts adn
bought a pint of chocolate ice cream, &
Bunny & I devoured it. I had to leave
about five, as we were to have an
Executive meeting at Stewart Hall, and
so I had to hustle over there. Found a
lot of the chuldren's dances on, and it
sounded like Bedlam let loose. They
were awfully cute though. Our polo dance
rehearsed to-night and of course it
began to rain just as we started over.
I have had the worst luck getting
my number together. To-night I thought
I had everything all arranged and
five me failed to appear. So I must
start out again to-morrow to corrall some.