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Tues. Apr. 12th
Felt perfectly forlorn this morning and
would have gone to bed directly after
breakfast, but of course the phone started
to ring, and never let up all morning.
At noon I was about all in, when
Constance Dickey appeared & said that
the "Dance of the Hours" had been
organized and all the girls were at
Stewart Hall to practice, and no
music, and would I please come
over and play for them. I told her I
simply couldn't, htat I was too sick, but
she urged so and said she had Grace's
carriage to take me over, that I finally
had to give in and go. Never have I
struck such music in all my life,
& I simply couldn't make a thing
out of it. However, for an hour I
banged out awful notes, and tried to
bluff it through. Didn't get home for
lunch until long after one, then in
the afternoon I was due at Cornelia's
for our bridge, Frances taking E's place.
I had miserable hands all afternoon.
About five o'clock I felt as badly that
Cornelia gave me a big dose of whiskey
and I was so afraid that Asher and
Hallie would notice it when they came