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in. Asher and Olive brought me home
in their machine. In the evening
Miss Shul was to be at the G. F. S. to read
to the girls, and as Cousin Helen was
going up to the Good Shepherd with
four of our girls, Mrs. Bradbury was in
Ploughkeepsie, and E in New York, I was
the only one to take charge of the
meeting, so over I went about 7:30. Miss
Shularrived about eight and read for
an hour, and then we closed the
meeting early.
Wed. Apr. 13th
Father let me have the horse this A. M.
to do a lot of errands and about eleven
I went over to Stewart Hall. Found the
"Dance of the Hours" rehearsing and they
wanted some to fill in, as I said I
would, and was so fascinated wtih
the dance that I decided to go in it
too, besides the Polo. I wanted to be in
something that I had absolutely no
responsibility whatever. In the afternoon
the girls of the Polo had a rehearsal
at Stewart Hall, and thenlater I went
up to the club to see if I could find
any men for our dance. I thought I
might see Talcott Vanam and
perhaps persuade him to go in, and