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sure enough the only person at the
club was Talcott, but try as I would, I
couldn't make him say he would go in.
Finally he said I looked as if I needed
a ride, & asked me to go out with him
in his machine, so we did, and had a
fine run, but I didn't feel as if I had
accomplished much. Aunt Evelina and
Aunt Jean were here for dinner adn
were very much amused all evening
for our phone began about seven o'clock
and never stopped for five minutes.
Thurs. Ap. 14th
Went down town this morning to do a
lot of errands. met the Chadwick just as
I was starting up th ehill, and they
brought me home. In the afternoon
I went over to Stewart Hall to a
rehearsal of the "Hours." While dancing
I hurt my knee, and found it ached
pretty badly all the rest of the day.
The children rehearsed at three o'clock,
and we stayed to watch them until
about 4:30, then Evelyn and I walked
up Grand Street together. I went up to see
Bunny but found her out, so came on
home. In the evening we had an early
rehearsal at the Palatine. Maude
arrived with Eric King, who is to be
her partner, & he told us to-night he
thought very probably he could get a