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friend of his, Mr. Hornbaker, to be in

the dance too. We had lots of fun at the 

rehearsal to-night, were though it was

close quarters. I usuallyi think our dance

is going to be a corker if only we can

fill up the number. The pony ballet

rehearsal for the first time to-night

and i playied for them. It is a

sextette and awfully funny, but not as

good as the last one, to my mind. Asher

and Olive brought me home in the car. 

Fri. Apr. 15th

Went dow town this morning, then later, 

up to see Mrs. Van for Aunt Willie. Miss

Farley was to practice over at Stewart

Hall early this afternoon and Miss

Stewart asked me if I would come 

over and playifor her, so I did, and

was there until twenty minutes of three.

Rushed home, dressed, and Father & I

caught the three o'clock boat for 

Fishkill, he to see a patient, and I to

go to Lillian Tompkin's card party. A

lot of other people were on board & as

we reached Fishkill, Mr. and Mrs. Heller?

picked me up in their machine and 

took me over. Lillian's party was very

small, only three tables, but we had a 

very nice, quiet game, which to me, is