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more fun, than the great big hurly-burly
ones Coming home, we just missed the
5:55 boat, & had to kick our heels for
half and hour. Went in Cousin Helen's
for a few minutes this evening. Marge
Foster dropped out of the dance yesterday
and the four people from Fishkill and
I'm in despair. I've written Edith that
she positively has to dance. Am going
to try for Olive adn Asher again.
Sat. Apr. 16th
Went up to Grace Bull's this morning to an
Executive meeting, but had to have about
11:30, as Austin drove up for me, and then
I went down to meet Edith at the ferry.
Just as she arrived Nanette took it into
her head to cavort around, & it was all
I could do to hold her My but I was
glad to get E home again, for it seems
as if she had been gone for months.
Bunny was in Cousin helen's for lunch, so
we went in there early in the afternoon
to see them. Later I had to go voer to
the news to get estimates on the Kirwen
programme, and then we went up to
the club. It wasn't particularly exciting
to-day, & E thought it deadly, due to the
fact I tell her of her having been in
the metropolis. We hear to-day that
Dr. Thompson is really going to marry.