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morning, and finally decided to make
an effort to secure advertisements. I
got estimates from the News and as
they made us the best offer, I went over
to interview them in the afternoon, &
ask them about what we wanted. Our
bridge club met here this afternoon.
In the evening I went in Cousin Helen's
for a few minutes. Cousin Eixie was
there, as she is in town for Fanny
Collingwood's wedding. After I came
home, Father & I played Flinch.
Tues. Apr. 19th
Miss McCaw came this morning to
make a couple of dresses for me, as
after being fitted for one, E & I went
over to Stewart Hall. E hadn't seen Miss
Stewart before, and thinks she is
just as fascinating as ever. This monring
I had todrop otu of the dance of the
Hours for my kneehas begun to give
me a lot of trouble andI have it all
bandages again, & can't tell just what
will happen. Miss Stewart said she
was afraid the day when I
said I had hurt it, & she thinks I
am sensible to drop out of the Hours.
She also says, as I know the Polo
Dance, I had better not dance in
that for a while. I couldn't, if a