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Wed. Apr. 20th
I was home all morning, but Aunt
Nellie went out to the dressmaker and
I went over to Stewart Hall to play for some
of the dances. Miss Stewart came home
with her at noon to see me about the
arrangement of some of the partners in
the Polo. Evelyn phoned this morning and
asked me to go driving with her this
afternoon at three, so I accepted, and
We took a most beautiful drive. All
the blossoms are out, and the couintry
is wonderful. Elizabeth was with Evelyn
when they came for me, as Maude is
moving up to Bal? to-day. He drove
up there, and left the baby, then went
up the river road to R?ton, then took
a back road to Marlborough, and
home the regular way. Evelyn is more
fun, and we did have such a good
afternoon. Got home at six, and found
E & Aunt Nellie out automobiling with
Walter & Cornelia. E & Aunt Nellie went
in Cousin Helen's to-night for a game
of bridge, & Father & I indulged in
Thurs. Apr. 31st
E & I went down to Miss Burnett's this
morning, then E. went over to the hall
to play for rehearsals. We were home all
afternoon. Soon after dinner Will Walker
came in. He had to leave soon however,