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for we had a rehearsal at the Hall at
nine, and we were due there before to play
for another dance. Eric King brought a
friend last Tuesday night, a ? Hornbaker,
and he is also going in the Polo dance, &
is a corker. Gradually, our number is
filling up, but it's hard work. Mr. King
and ? Hornbakercame over to the
hall later, and I met Mr. Hornbaker
for the first time. Again, to-night I
didn't dance, but watched them. The
Todds offered to send the Cornwall men
home to-night, & as Mr. King has decided
to go in the Pony Ballet, and that dance
didn't rehearse until after ten, it must
have been long after eleven before they
started for Cornwall.
Fri. Apr. 22nd
E played for rehearsal until after twelve,
then she & I took the horse, and drove
up to Miss Hunter's to see about music
for one of the dances. Rushed home,
had luncheon, then Aunt Nellie, E & I
went over to Miss Kelly's. Her store was
crowded,so before out time came, Aunt
Nell had to leave for home, because
she had an appointment at Mrs. Oakley's
for five o'clock. When we finally got
hold of Miss Kelly, we told her we
wanted hats for the Kirness, and
such a time as I had. Nothing