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seemed to look well on me, whereas
E was suited in about ten minutes.
Finally we made a partial selection,
and we were to come over again next
Friday to try them on. Got home about
six, and shortly after dinner Cousin
Helen came in. E had to leave about
7:30 to go over to Stewart Hall, to get the
names of the dancers. Soon after she
left, the phone rang, and it was
Rhetta. She asked if we were going to
be home, & I said I was, so she and
Will said they would come down. I
used all my powers of persuasion
to induce Will to be in the Polo dance,
but he remains firm. Rhetta is
crazy to go in, but her family won't let
her. We talked Kirness practically
all evening and Rhetta & Will both
confessed they didn't realize how
much work it meant, until they
heard from me, all the work we had to do.
E arrived home about 10:30, and the
Chadwick's didn't leave unitl a
little after eleven.
Sat. Apr. 23rd
Edith went over to Stewart Hall at
10:30 and I joined her there later. In
the afternoon, as Aunt Nell had stayed
up at the Alden for luncheon, I went
out with Father. Stopped for E at