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which we do. The only thing I want to
avoid, is bringing in an outside
element to do this stunt, as Miss Stewart
says we must have the song. Every time
I think of singing before the whole
Academy of Music, everything turns
upside down inside of me. After we
tried it over a few times, E came in,
and soon Mr. Hornbaker arrived. We
had intended to have E & Mr. Hornbaker
criticise us in our song after dinner,
but directly after dinner we had to
hustle to boys over to the tailors to be
measured for thier white riding trousers
and by the time they came back, we
had to hustle over to Stewart Hall. I
was dead tired to-night and felt about
all in, but tried to dance a little.
Miss Stewart wouldn't let me do much
though, even though my knee is betteer.
Cousin Helen asked Mr. King and Mr.
Hornbaker to spend the night at her
house, so about 11:30 I came home with
them, and E came home with Miss
Stewart in a cab about twelve.
Tuesday Apr. 26th
After doing the ordering I joined E.
at Stewart Hall about ten. Miss
Stewart didn't come until eleven, so
we ran over the whole score of the