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Consequently we never got home until

twenty minutes of seven. Had dinner in

a great hustle, and in the evening Olive

stopped for us, and we went over to

rehearsal. Mr. King and Mr. Hornbaker

came up on a later train to-night, so we

met them over there: The rehearsals kept

up awfully late to-night and it was

twelve o'clock before we came home. Mr.

King + Mr. Hornbaker spent the night at

our house, and although they begged

us not to get up for early breakfast with

them, we told them that we would be

on hand at seven the next morning.

Wed. Apr. 27th

Mr. Hornbaker and Mr. King left on the

7:41 this a.m., consequently it gave us a

good long morning. E started out early,

and I joined her at Stewart Hall later.

Miss Stewart didn't come until eleven, so

E + I filled in the time by singing and

playing the entire score of "Arcade," never

stopping for high C. or any note that

came along. Miss Stewart rehearsed my

song with me, + Florence [J...?] also did

her dance. I came home earlier than

E, and then in the afternoon I went

in Cousin Helen's to help make the men's

caps. Millie Bartlett, Wanda, Elizabeth,

Cousin Helen, Cornelia + I all started

out [bravely?], but such a job as it

proved to be. E came in later but

could only stay a very short time as

she had a shampoo at five. Even