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though they were the [...shiest"] things to

make, we had a lot of fun, and

managed to complete three. They turned

out quite well, but I hate to think of

four more to make. Mr. King's cap made

quite a hit, and we had lots of fun

with it. To-night we had another

rehearsal at the Palatine at eight o’clock

but were awfully late in starting, as

our dance wasn’t over until after

nine. Mr. King and I sang our song

for the first time to-night before an

audience, and I’m afraid we’re

going to get awfully nervous at the

regular performance. Frances and the

[Ashplants?] came to rehearsal to-night.

The [p…?] ballet didn’t rehearse until

after eleven, consequently we got home

about twelve. The Todds sent Mr. King

and Mr. Hornbaker back to [Cornwall?]

to-night, so they brought us home

first. We just touched the high spots

coming home.

Thurs. Apr. 28th

Over at Stewart Hall all morning, then

E went up to Frances’ to lunch and I was

simply on the mad jump every minute,

only allowing myself ten minutes to dress

for Frances bridge party. I stopped for

Cousin Helen, and when we got there

found everyone had arrived except Doris.

Finally we started to play without her,

Frances taking her place, but soon

F. phoned her, and although Doris said