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she would be down directly, we all

thought she had forgotten the party.

There were four tables Wanda, Jessie

Atwood, Cousin Helen and [Rhetta?] at one,

Virginia, Marge, Helen Kerr + I at another,

Doris, Justine, Evelyn + Florence [J...?] at

another, + Mildred [Id...?] Frances Hirschberg,

Edith Jordan + E at the fourth. We had

an awfully good time, and then

about five Frances Willard came in for

refreshments, and later Charley came

for her, and they asked us to go home

in their car. It was a great help, as

we had a stage rehearsal at the

Academy at six o'clock, and we never

would have been on time if they

hadn't brought us home. Of course our

full number wasn't there, and I

begin to feel we won't have all

sixteen until the performance, although

Mr. Brundage, my partner, has

promised to come to-morrow night

for his first rehearsal. After practicing

in Stewart Hall, the stage seems so

small, especially when we form our

two [coaches?], but I suppose we'll get

around all right. When Mr. King and

I sang our song we could hardly

be heard, but everyone said it

was singing in an empty house, +

said it would be much easier when