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the house was full. We finished our

rehearsal about seven, so Miss Stewart,

Mr. Hornbaker + Mr. King came back

with us for a later supper. Mr. Todd

sent us all over in his machine. Miss

Stewart had only about fifteen minutes

to herself, then had to run, but the

rest of us finished supper leisurely. Mr.

Hornbaker left for Cornwall on the 8:38,

but Mr. King had a rehearsal of the

[pony?] ballet later, so he didn't leave

until a little after nine. 

Fri. Apr. 29th

E went over to the hotel early this a.m. to

see Miss Stewart, and I joined her there

at ten. Fixed up some copy to be taken

to be type-written, and then we went

down to Miss Shaw's to leave the copy, +

then up to Miss [Burnett's?], as E had a

fitting for her dress. From there we

went over to the Academy as a few

of the soloists were to rehearse. It was

freezing cold over there, so while I

played for some of the dances, E went

home to get a warm coat and sweater.

In the afternoon E + I went over to

Fishhill to Miss Kelley's and tried on

our Kirmess hats. E's is a beauty, but

for some reason, I can't get used

to mine. However, I gradually got

more used to it, so told mis Kelley

to send it over. I do hope I'll like