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it better. E bought a pair of slippers

on her way home, + then we stopped

in Cousin Helen's. After dinner Father

was out, + E had gone up stairs to take

a nap. I was dead tired too, but decided

someone ought to be around to answer

the phone [...te?], so as it was awfully

cold in the house, and as I couldn't

find any wood for an open fire

unless I went way down stairs, I

decided to burn newspaper and old

letter, + very soon I was as warm

as toast, but so sleepy. Mr. King and

Mr. Hornbaker stopped for us to go

over to rehearsal. Mr. [Brundage?]

came over about nine o'clock, and

we had our [polo?] dance, the first

good rehearsal we have had. I've

been counting up, and over thirty-seven

men have refused to be in our dance,

+ everyone thinks the [Polo?] Dance is

going to be a [corker?]. I certainly hope 

so. I also hope Mr. [Brundage?] can

learn the dance, but it is awfully

short notice. It certainly was very

good of him to come in and help

us out. We rehearsed at Stewart Hall

until 10:30, then went over to the

Academy for the Grand March +

more rehearsals. Mr. Todd said he