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had died very suddenly and of

course he couldn't dance in the [Polo?]

Dance. When she told me, I was

absolutely floored, and what to do I

did not know. Finally I went in

Cousin Helen's and found Mrs. [Ring?]

there helping make the men's caps.

When I told Cousin Helen about [Anson

Fowler?] I thought she would go under.

Then we got busy on the phone, but

plead as we would, we couldn't corral

anyone. Finally we decided to try and

get some of the marsovian men

to fill out, so had to leave it until

to-night. E went over to Stewart Hall

about three and I went over later.

Were there until about five, then we all

went over to the Academy, and I played

for rehearsal until after seven o'clock.

Found Uncle [Ernest?] here when I

returned, + before I finished dinner,

Cousin Helen came in, and later we

all went over to rehearsal. We tried to

get Mr. Fowler from the marsovian

dance to help us out, but finally he

suggested Mr. Welsh as our eighth

man. Mr. Welsh seemed crazy to go in

our dance and never have I seen a

person pick up a dance so quickly

in my life. We had our full number

to-night and now it seems as if we