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were settled. At 10:30 we all went over

to the Academy and a lot of us went over

in the Todd's machine. We had heard

that the Todd's were going to have

the [pony?] ballet at their house to-night

for another rehearsal + practice an

encore, and then refreshments. We knew

it would be a pretty gay party, + to

my horror, Mr. Todd came up to me

about 11:30 + said "You're coming up

to the house to-night, aren't you," +

although I made all kinds of

excuses, he wouldn't let me say no,

+ said he would get E + Miss Stewart

to come too. Mr. Hornbaker was also

asked but he managed to excuse

himself. Never have I been to such

a party, and I've never felt so out

of place. Mr. + Mrs. Harry Coldwell, Mr.

+ Mrs. Green, Mr. Courtney, Mr. King,

[Ashes?], Miss Stewart, E + I made up

the party. Before E + Miss S came we

had music, and some five choruses,

but finally I retired way over in a

corner behind the piano, for Mr.

Todd chucked me under the chin

once or twice, + I retired in fright.

We thought Miss Stewart + E were lost

for they never came until one o'clock.