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After rehearsal of the Ballet and encore,

we had delicious lobster salad, crackers,

sandwiches, cheese, olives, + all kinds

of drinks. Drinks principally. About 2:30

E + I left, Mr. Todd sending us home in

his car. Mr. King spent the night at

the Todd's.

Sun. May. 1st 

Father and Uncle Ernest went to Walden

this morning, to be gone all day. E + I went

to church, then went over to the hotel to

see Miss Stewart. Found her in her room

arranging the music for the orchestra,

which is to rehearse this afternoon. She

showed us a new hat which she had

bought, also a beautiful new dress

which she had made in San Francisco.

Left there about ten minutes of one, +

went up to Cornelia's for dinner. Walter

had gone over to Coldwell's camp yesterday

with a party, + hadn't rehearsed as yet,

so we three were alone for dinner.

Had more fun, + after dinner, we

went out on the front piazza, and

didn't miss a [trick?] in the [p...?]. [by?]

E + I both decided we were too tired

for Sunday School (incidentally having

too good a time) so stayed with Cornelia

until four o'clock. Walter brought a

few of the Coldwell bunch home early