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this afternoon, and arrived shortly before

we left. E + I went over to the Academy, +

found the orchestra in full swing. Miss

Stewart was there, also John + Helen. We

were there about an hour, then E + I

came home, for Uncle Ernest was

leaving for N. Y. on an early train, so we

had to have supper a little before six.

Cousin Helen came in after supper, +

was here until about nine o'clock. 

Mon. May. 2nd

E had to take a lot of [posters?] all over

the city this morning, so I went over to

Stewart Hall to play for rehearsals until

11:30. Then Constance Dickey and I went

for a woman to clean the [hack?] between

five and seven to-night, and have it

ready for dress rehearsal. Soon after

lunch Rhetta came down with our

committee tickets, and while she was

still here, I had to excuse myself, to go

driving with Father. It was awfully cold

and I was awfully glad I had worn a

heavy coat. Father left me at Stewart

Hall about 4:30, but I only stayed a

short time, for Mr. King was coming up

from Cornwall early to try over our

song. E came home soon after five,

and she played for us, while we

went over it several times. We were

supposed to be at Stewart Hall at