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seven o'clock, but we were a trifle late,

and almost everyone had arrived. We

joined our fellow polo players, and

never have I seen more becoming

costumes. The girls were all gowned in

evening dress, with hats to match, light

slippers + stockings, + carried parasols.

The men were attired in either light

blue or yellow [satine?] shirts, white riding

trousers, Ascot ties, riding boots,

and polo caps to match shirts. They

carried mallets. In our dance the

girls appeared first on a balcony and

watched the men while they were

supposed to have a game of polo.

Then the girls walked down the [?],

joining the men, and all took part

in the general dance. The Walsh girls

then did a dance together, followed

by the song "Half past two" from the

Arcadians which Mr. King and I

sang, + then Helen + John danced the

"Riding lesson." In the end we all

formed two [spike teams?], and drove

off, the drivers snapping long lashed

whips, + the girls twirling their

parasols for the wheels. We are all crazy

about our dance, and at last have