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the full number. The dress rehearsal 

began with the grand march led by 

[E..?] [J...?] as King of the [Kirmess?]. Each 

dance fell in line, + wound in and

out around the stage, the Polo bringing 

up the rear. Then each dance was

run through in order, and everything

seemed to go off smoothly. Mr. Hirsch,

the director, was there, and without him

the orchestra would have been awful.

Mr. King is staying up at Maude's this 

week, and Mr. Hornbaker at the [Wald...s?]

Wanda had to catch the car for [Balmwill?]

so Mr. King went with her, and Mr. 

Hornbaker brought us home. They are 

both just as nice as they can be.  

Tues. May. 3rd

E + I went over to the theatre this

morning about eleven o'clock, and found

everything bustle and confusion, the

[carp...lirs?] purring up the booths etc. E

went driving in the afternoon with 

Father, + I cleaned my pink dress, +

put it on in the yard to lose the

gasoline smell. Then I went over to

the Academy and later E joined us. 

Miss De Kay, a friend of Miss Stewart's, 

is visiting her, + E + I have promised 

to see she is taken care of. So this

afternoon, quite late, we three went