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down to Washington's Headquarters, +

also took her in the new museum

which is not opened to the public as

yet, but as Father is one of the trustees,

we could get in. While there, it

began to grow dark, + we realized

we were going to have a shower. 

I immediately I thought of my 

Kirmess dress out in the yard, so

we tore over to the theatre, just 

reaching there as it began to rain,

+ I phoned home, + fortunately

found the maids had brought my

dress in. The storm didn't amount

to anything, + after it was over Miss

De Kay [?] us to soda at Brown's. 

Then we walked over to the hotel

with her, and then came home and 

dressed before dinner for our first

performance. Miss Stewart wanted as

many as possible to come over at

seven o'clock to be made up, so we

were there shortly afterwards and

found Miss Stewart in our dressing

room, surrounded by marsovians, 

Polo, Fluffies, + Scotch, as we all

shared this dressing room. It was

most informal, the way the men