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would come flying into our dressing

room to be made up, regardless of what

the girls were doing. Practically everyone

dressed at home, so it only meant

slippers + stockings to change. The

curtain was rung up at 8:15 on the

Tableaux of all the dancers, followed

by the Grand March. Our dance was

in the second half of the programme 

so a lot of us went up in the upper

left-hand box and watched the

performance from there. The house

was not half full to-night, but a

very enthusiastic audience. Considering

this was our first whole performance

on the stage, everything went off very

well. I fully expected to have stage

fright when Mr. King and I sang our

song, but for some reason or other,

as soon as we got on the stage, I

forgot the audience, and didn't seem

to be nervous at all. [Anson?] Fowler

sent the most beautiful pink roses

to every girl in our dance to-night.

Will Chadwick also sent me the most

exquisite bunch of pink carnations,

+ Wanda [B...p?] sent me lovely white

lilacs, + Dr. [Glason?], a beautiful

bunch of pink rose buds. Dr.

[Tourmond?] send E too, a lovely bunch