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of pink roses, so we had to ask Mr. 

Hornbaker, who came home with us, to

help carry some of them. I hate to 

think that even one night of the 

Kirmess is over, for hard as we have

worked, we have had a fine time out

of it.  

Wed. May. 4th

I was home all morning, but E went 

out to do a few errands. Miss Stewart

and Miss De Kay came to lunch, +

Miss Stewart looked most attractive 

in a white suit and her new hat. 

Walter brought Cornelia down after

lunch to see Miss Stewart, as she

hasn't seen her before. The children

were to have a rehearsal this afternoon

at 2:30, so Miss Stewart had to leave

shortly after two. Later we four went 

over, + Cornelia + E watched the rehearsal

while Miss De Kay and I took a walk

around the Intersection. When we 

reached the theatre, most of the

dances were over. Mr. King and

Mr. Hornbaker have invited Wanda,

Deyo, E + I up to the club for dinner

to-night before the Kirmess and as

we had to be sure and get down

to the theatre by quarter of eight