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surely, we planned to be at [Powellin?]

at 5:30. Consequently we had to start to

dress before five in order to catch the 

car. On reaching the club we found Mrs. 

Gregg + Cousin Helen receiving at the

regular Wednesday afternoon tea, Mr. 

King + Mr. Hornbaker were also there, +

a lot of the younger bunch. Gilman, 

Justine + Frances were all waiting for 

the car that we got off of. Soon everyone

left the club except we four, and shortly 

afterwards Wanda and Deyo came. We

had some music before dinner, then we

went up stairs, + such a good time as 

we had. All of us were hungry, and we

did full justice to our dinner. We had the

best Strawberry short cake for desert, but by

the time I reached it, I was stuffed, so

couldn't finish it, much to my sorrow. 

Much as we hated to hurry, we felt we

ought to catch the 7:20 car, so we hustled 

down and got our things on, and were 

down at the theatre shortly after half past

seven. As we came in the dressing room

Miss Stewart said "What, here so soon,"

+ we certanly did make good time. 

To-night we played to a crowded house,

and everyone was in fine humor. 

Mr. Brundage (my partner) told me,

just before we went on, that he had