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absolutely no idea of any of our steps,

or anything about the dance. I tried to 

show him, but he kicked with the

wrong foot all the time, + said he 

would have kept that up indefinitely

if the music hadn't stopped. So that

made me nervous, + when we were to 

go on for our song, I was as nervous 

as a [witch?]. However Mr. King didn't

seem to be, so he calmed me down. 

Now I'm glad we decided to sing the

song, but wasn't I scared at first, at 

the thought. Mrs. Townsend sent all

the girls in our dance flowers to-night,

and it certainly was awfully sweet of

her. Mr. Hornbaker brought us home

and wished us "Sweet dreams," in his

fascinating way. 

Thurs. May. 5th

Father went to New York this morning, so 

E + I took [n...te?], and went for a 

lovely drive to Cornwall. Never have I

seen the dog-wood more beautiful, + 

I couldn't resist getting out and 

picking an arm full, even though

every vase in our house, is full to

overflowing with our Kirmess flowers.

Every once in a while, E + I would 

take a cagey look around, to see if