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we could spot any of the Aqueduct 

work. What we would have done, had

we seen any of our friends, is more

than I know, but fortunately we didn't

run across them. As it was entirely

too cold to have a soda, we invested 

in a box of Graham crackers, and

then were almost parched for a drink.

Got home shortly before one, had

luncheon, and then at two went up to

Mrs. [Green's?] to make the badges for the

prize dances. We, Mrs. Coldwell, Mrs. 

[Green?], Constance Dickey, E + I, made

twenty-four for the children, and

twenty for the "grown-ups." Miss Stewart

came in about four, and we all

discussed plans to [?] the voting. 

We finished the badges by five, so we

went home, and dressed before dinner

as Miss Stewart wanted to make us

up to-night with grease paint, and

that process takes longer, so we had

to be on hand earlier. A lot of us

went up in the upper left hand box

to watch the performance to-night.

In the audience were about twelve

men from Cornwall, friends of Mr.

Hornbaker's and Eric's, and just

before Eric and I went on for our

song to-night the tables were

reversed from last evening, and he