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was petrified, and I didn't seem a 

bit nervous. I suppose he expected a 

lot of "kidding" afterwards, and no

wonder, poor soul. He managed to 

pull through however, but E told me

afterwards that Eric's knees were

wiggling so, she thought they wouldn't

support him. The Polo dance still

leads in the voting, but we none of

us expect to win [out?], for Mr. Taylor is

just holding back for to-morrow

night, and then shoot the marsovians 

ahead. The house was jammed

to-night and we had a lot of fun.

Mr. Hornbaker brought us home again. 

Friday. May. 6th

Olive and Cousin Helen stopped for

us this morning, and we all went 

up to the Day [U...y?] meeting together. 

It was a large meeting, and we

were all as enthusiastic over the 

success of the Kirmess, that we

wanted to give an extra performance

to-morrow night, but on phoning

Fred Taylor, we found his price

for the Academy for the extra night, 

practically prohibitive. He has been

awfully mean to us anyway, +

where the trouble lies, we don't know,

but any number of people were