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Feb. 5th 1913

This morning I drove up to Cornelia's early to give her a bottle of vinegar, our own brew. This is Ash Wednesday so Edith and I went to church at 10:30. Cornelia and Ruth came down for a short walk early this afternoon and later we took our work up to Frances. We weren't there long however, for Edith and I came down to church at 4:30. Eleanor Vananne(?) was there, and afterwards we walked home with her, and she told us of a very interesting event which was is to happen next August. Edith & I are the only ones who know it, & she wants us to keep it a secret. To-night cousin Helen & Eric both came in.

Thurs. Feb. 6th.

Edith & I went up this morning to see old Mrs. Ward, at St. Luke's. She looks remarkably well, & will leave the hospital, just as soon as Mrs. Kerr can find some place to move her mother. Our bridge club met at Frances this afternoon & on our way home, we stopped in Cornelia's and saw the babies. Eleanor had