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invited Edith and me to supper tonight, as Mrs. Wright, Eleanor's mother, was there. She is the most charming woman, and we had such a good time. Had a perfectly delicious supper, ending with strawberries, which Mrs. Wright had brought up from New York. In the morning we four played bridge, and had a fine game.

Fri. Feb. 7th

Day nursery meeting this morning. This afternoon about four, Edith & I went over to Fishhill(?) to call on May Curtiss. It was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. Poor May is simply crushed by her husband's death, but is so brave and tries so hard to keep up. She was the only one home when we arrived, but just before we left Harriet, Elsa, Addie & John blew in. They had been out on the hills, sleigh-riding, on Elsa's flexible flyer, & they tried their best to get us to go out with them again, but we really didn't have time. Elsa sent us down to the ferry in her auto, and John went down with us. He is certainly lots of fun, & I think it will be the best thing in the world for May to go up to Schenectady and