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keep house for John. They are very congenial, and John is so full of fun, that it will help carry May along through this hard time. To-night Edith went up to the Vananns(?) to fill in, in an evening bridge club, and Father & I went to hear Mr. Babbitt at Calvary church, a recital, one of three. He recited several selections very well indeed, & there was also a soloist, a man, with a very good tenor voice. We enjoyed it very much, but it was quite long, & I was rather sleepy.

Sat. Feb. 8th

I made cake this morning, & just as I finished, the Postman came with a letter which excited me very much. A brother of grandfather's had died about a year ago, & according to this notice, we were heirs, also Cousin Walter & Cousin Bernard. We were all agog with this unexpected good news of a legacy, but when Father came in, he dashed all our hopes to the ground, as he said this Uncle Charley had squandered his fortune, which at one time, was considerable, and probably the only thing he left behind were